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Features and advantages of YIFAN sand making machine
Date :2015-03-22 11:57:09       Posted by : 

 Urbanization construction in various regions has made manufactured sand become the hottest building material. Undoubtedly large market will bring huge economic benefits. More and more people are engaged in the production of manufactured sand, which will drive the development of manufactured sand making machine industry.

According to present manufactured sand market, not every type of sand can be recognized as manufactured sand. Only the qualified can be accepted by market. This requires manufacturers to produce sand according to standards. Therefore, it is necessary for investors to have a reliable sand making machine.


YFIAN CV series efficient sand making machine is the best sand maker in present market, namely the seventh generation sand making equipment. The finished sand produced by our sand making machine can meet market requirement without the second process. Within the similar time, YIFAN CV series sand making machine has higher production capacity. In addition, the excellent environmental protection performance makes it cost-effective. Main features and advantages of YIAFN CV series sand making machine mainly include the following aspects.

1. Full hydraulic start can save a lot of manpower.

2. Our patent circle impeller can improve alloy usage rate and lengthen maintenance period.

3. The unique crushing structure of our sand making machine can realize the perfect interchange of ROR and ROA.

4. Its lubrication rotor can meet the crushing requirements of different materials better.

5. The design of fast removable platform makes equipment maintenance convenient.

6. High automation degree makes its daily maintenance more convenient.

7. As one of our patent technologies, waterfall feeding applied in sand making machine can improve the production capacity of crusher perfectly.

8. The key spare parts of YIFAN CV(H) vertical shaft impact crusher are from famous foreign brands, which makes our equipment have more reliable performance.